Gentlemen’s Flag Football League (GFFL) is a division of the GAA. The GFFL’s unique game rules allow the game to be played in an exciting and competitive yet balanced format. The schedule consists of a preseason, regular, and a post season which is the conference playoffs, and GFFL Championship.

The Game

  • Each team registers at least five, but no more than twelve players
  • Penalties are assessed in downs, not yards
  • Each series will have five downs with no chance for a first
  • 5 on 5 gameplay
  • Five starters form an offense with one quarterback and four eligible receivers with a center being one of them
  • Field is modified to be proportioned to five on five flag football
  • Each captain receives an official rule book upon registration approval

The Staff

The GFFL provides professional organization, game officials, all necessary field equipment, player awards, outstanding purses for top teams and league officers who offer complete guidance to ensure every season is enjoyable.

GFFL Extras

  • Statistics are tracked on every player during the season. Each week the GFFL post the scoring and interception leaders on the site
  • Player conferences are organized and held for players to discuss rule changes and GFFL issues.

Our Mission

To provide a challenging and competitive experience for athletic gentlemen in order to continually enhance the lives of players, members, and staff, and also to offer sportsmanship, health, education, and assistance to our community. We will strive to establish our organization as a progressive and professional
Gentlemen’s Athletic Association.