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I would like to register a team in the GFFL. During my active membership I will ensure that all team players and I will abide by all League rules, and the direction and decisions of officials and officers of the Gentlemen’s Flag Football League. I understand that by failing to comply with League rules and/or not acting in the best interest of the GFFL and its associates, that the GFFL, through its officers and officials, and at their sole discretion, may immediately revoke my membership in the League or my playing rights and I agree that all fees paid will be forfeited to the League. I understand that flag football is a contact sport and that participation may result in injury. I hereby assume full responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses that I may incur from participation therein. I, the above signed, am above age eighteen as of the date of this application and have read team application roster rules.

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