Quick Guide to Our Rules

* Shorts or pants are not to have pockets or be red or yellow in color.

* All teams are to have shirts or jerseys the same color with numbers.

* Every player is required to wear a mouthpiece, they will be available at the fields.

* All rookie players must present a copy of his license or I.D. before registering to play.

* Before every play the quarterback must use the word SET to set the offense and there then must a minimum one second before the ball is snapped.


Rule Changes Effective 4/6/14

1.Overtime-Each team will now be guaranteed a possession. An overtime period is 5 minutes long with a 2 minute warning. Each team will have one timeout. The first team with a lead after both teams have possession whether or not it may be an interception for a score will be awarded the win. If the score is still tied after one overtime the game will be decided by a two point conversion shoot out. The shoot out will be broken up into five separate series. A series will consist of each team attempting a two point conversion. The first team that converts a conversion in a series which another team does not will be awarded the win. If the game is still tied after five series it will end in a tie. All regulation extra point penalties apply. (exception playoffs will continue until there is a definite winner).

2.Roughing the QB- There will now be an automatic penalty for any contact with the quarterbacks arm from the rushing defenders. Regardless of the position of the defenders arms while trying to deflect the pass. The quarterback should now expect to be able to have a full follow through without contact.

3.Interceptions on one and two point conversion will now be able to be returned. Any score, whether it be from initial or an additional int which may be a result from a pitch, will only be worth the point value originally declared by the offensive team. If there is no score, the intercepting team will start the offensive possession on their own 10 yard line regardless where on the field the flag is pulled or if there is a second int from the original offensive team. Roughing and/or unsportsmanlike penalties will be carried over to the very next series. All int stats will also now be kept from conversions.