The Gentlemen’s Flag Football League was founded by Ron Karboski in 1991 for athletes who loved competitive adult sports. Forty-two young men formed the Lackawanna County Fifth Down Gentlemen’s Flag Football League. The League was reformed by Karboski in Lehigh County as the Lehigh County Gentlemen’s Flag Football League with thirty-six individuals.

Through the dedication of those captains and players, the league began to thrive and continued to attract more and more athletes. By 1993 the league grew to eighty active athletes. In the fall of that year, the League decided, for better publicity, to shorten its name to the Gentlemen’s Flag Football League, sometimes referred to as the GFFL. In the spring of 1995, the GFFL published its own newsletter, now known as The 5th Down. After that, the league exploded to 140 active athletes. In 1996, volleyball and basketball were developed for league members and thus transformed the League to operate as an athletic association. Thereafter, the Gentlemen’s Athletic Association became the official name with four divisions: Gentlemen’s Flag Football League (GFFL), Gentlemen’s Basketball League (GBL), Gentlemen’s Volleyball League (GVL), and Gentlemen’s and Athletes Motivational efforts through sports.


The Lehigh Valley Athletic Association, Inc. is an organization created in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania to offer athletic programs for the community and financial funding for charitable organizations.

The LVAA’s primary purpose is to provide a challenging and competitive experience for athletic gentlemen and women in order to continually enhance the lives of players, members, and staff and also to offer sportsmanship, health, and education to our community. The LVAA devotes seventy percent of its time and resources to organizing, scheduling, and implementing athletic programs. Each program is administered by directors at different times of the year and continues for two to three months, depending on the sport. All programs are funded by the association’s membership dues. The revenue generated by dues is allocated to finance the operating costs of the organization as well as to be distributed as donations to charities.

The LVAA’s secondary purpose is to aid charitable organizations with financial funding. The LVAA devotes approximately thirty percent of its time and resources to organizing athletic tournaments and events that raise and distribute funds to charitable non-profit organizations. Event directors organize the event as well as approach businesses requesting donations for advertisements. The event’s donations and application fees build a surplus of funds in order to distribute proceeds to the designated non-profit community-based organizations or individuals with specific economic hardship.


To provide a challenging and competitive experience for athletic gentlemen in order to continually enhance the lives of players, members , and staff and also to offer sportsmanship, health, education, and assistance to our community. We will strive to establish our organization as a progressive and profressional Lehigh Valley Athletic Association.


The LVAA demands that all LVAA members represent the organization as a progressive and professional athletic association while encouraging the health, safety, and sportsmanship of every member. The LVAA directors are vested with the power to govern and make decisions in a way that will only positively affect the safety and well being of every player, the growth and stability of each league, and the reputation, and finances of the Association. Like other professional organizations, our association must continually improve to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. This commitment to excellence requires us to focus on how we serve our members, how we utilize our resources, and how we represent the LVAA and GFFL as athletic ambassadors to the public.